Live Stream Entertainment

Professional entertainment live streamed high quality audio and video to any device. Customizable content perfect for any event. 

Live Animation Artist

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Our live animation artists capture the essence of events through drawing, painting & animation live on site. They create an engagement with your attendees leading to great shareable moments that will in-turn help boost  your social impact. In the long term, the product becomes great content for social & digital channels for a wide range of internal & external marketing purposes.

Vinyl Spin Art

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The most fun, interactive activity for your event. A definite crowd-pleaser for all ages. Your guests are invited to make their own unique artwork on a vinyl record with our spinart machine artists. People of all artistic abilities love to see how the paints spin to create a dynamic piece of art before their eyes. A great mix of artistic expression, recycling vinyl records and a take home piece for music lovers.

Doc Ravencraft Palm Reading

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Doc has been interacting with the spiritual world for as long as he can remember. He  can do "serious" readings for those who need them, while he also has a variety of approaches to doing readings for the curious, without letting things get too heavy. Along with the Tarot and Palm reading he also does psychometric readings (using a personal object) or with little picture tiles (excellent for people who are squeamish about the supernatural) Doc typically dresses in 19th century clothing, giving an "old fashioned" feel, but can dress more modern or in a theme to match your event, if preferred.

John Maverick Magician, Comedian and Entertainer

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John Maverick has spent his life entertaining audiences. He got his first taste for magic at the age of 5 and his performance career took off from there. He now has a doctorate degree in magic. Maverick also MC events and has comedy act. Many times he combines all 3 captivating his the audience for hours. Maverick honed his skills over the years performing for social and corporate events along with having acts in night clubs and comedy theaters.  As a Street Grifter, he will set up with a buckets and cardboard box and take your guests through some of the most popular ‘confidence’ street games such as, 3 card Monty, Dice, 3 shells, Pigs and more!!!

Live Street Art

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Outside or inside, have our street artist perform onsite at your event. Creating a customised artwork, our talented artists are a dynamic visual attraction. Guests can even jump in and add to the masterpiece.

Digital Caricature Artist

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Taking an old favorite and giving it a fresh tech twist, give your guests a lasting momento with a digital caricature. Our talented artists use hand held ipads to whip up hilarious portraits of your guests which we can print out on site or  send via email.

Lip Sync Battle

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The Groove Labs Lip Sync battle offers entertainment for all your guests. Use it as an opener, closer or transition entertainment. Here’s how it works : We bring in two of our amazing actor/dancers to perform 2 to 3 rounds of songs for the audience. These are pre-prepared before the event and typically include costuming and custom choreography for the song. Each round the guests get to choose who did the better job. At the end they pick the overall winner. An emcee is on hand to lead the entire performance. He can also DJ before and after as well. Guests are more than welcome to join in on the fun. *For an additional cost you can add on intelligent stage lighting, a live band to perform the songs and staging

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