The Groove Labs truss is developed by Xtreme Structures and Fabrication (XSF). XSF manufactures industry standard box trusses in a wide variety of sizes, strengths, and lengths.

When it comes to your box truss needs we have 2.5 ft, 5ft, 6ft and 7ft sizes. 

Also available are a range of 1ft, 4 way corner blocks. 


XSF Steel Universal Base Plates

XSF is a premier provider of standardized truss sizes, as well as custom stages, roof systems, hardware, rigging, risers, platforms, and exhibit components. When it comes to your base plate needs, the universal are the best in show. With the centre X size adjustor which enables a connection to any sized truss, anywhere from 12" to 20.5". Groove Labs has multiple sized universal plates, including, 24" (2' x 2') and 36" (3' x 3'). 

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