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A New York City native, Andres Santiago, aka Everyone Needs Sound , known as a mix-tape afficionado, began swaping cassettes in 8th grade and compiling mixes for house parties using his dual deck tape recorder.  Andres has been blessed to work with companies such as Google, Zumba Fitness, Nolcha Fashion Week, Redbull and Facebook and has played at popular venues such as SOB's, Alvin Ailey, Pacha, IL Bastardo and SXSW and charities such as United Cerebral Palsy Foundation, The Cinema School, Graham Windham Foundation and SoBRO.
Musical styles vary, but are NOT limited. Everyone Needs Sound is about connecting people at any occassion and bringing solidarity on the dancefloor. Mashing together different styles such as Disco, Salsa, R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Cumbia, Moombahton or EDM, Everyone Needs Sound will always keep the party moving. With a catalog of over 20,000 songs, Andres brings an in depth knowlege of music to his sets and will take you through a journey with no boundaries.  

DJ Nixx

As a DJ, Nixx been on the scene since 2008, but she grew up around music her entire life, especially in dance or singing. At age 10, her mother taught her how to use turntables on their old Technics, with, in particular, Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall” and Stevie Wonder's "Songs in the Key of Life" records.

Nixx has been working in the nightlife industry since the age of 18.  This has allowed her to take in the music of countless different types of Djs every night and slowly gain influence from them.

Henry & The Invisibles

Give it up for Henry and his Invisble Band. Henry brings the funk, pop and soul as he creates infectious dance grooves with his one man band. He starts with a groove, layers in some bass, adds some sparking guitar then sings his heart out. He's the one man band that needs to be in your plan.

DJ Craig

With over 12 years experience DJing all kind of events, DJ Craig never stops reaching for the best mixes to entertain his audiences. "You're only as good as your last gig, so each new event is a chance to shine," says Craig. "It would be easy to just play what works in the past, but I try to play what's right for the event." Check out some of Craig's recent event playlists on his Serato user page at:

Scratch Lab

With Scratch Lab, we put your event attendees on the turntables and let them learn the art of the wickity wick wick. Learn about scratching, slamming, dubbing and other DJ tricks. Not only do we show your attendees how to be a DJ but we also record the mix and send it to them via the Internets, yes the whole Internets. Great for Technology User Conferences, Corporate Events and Social Parties. Let Groove Labs bring Scratch Lab to you anywhere in the US of A! You can either do one Scratch Lab station or double the DJ fun with TWO! You will not be disappointed!


This dynamic entertainment option fuses a live band consisting of bass guitar, drums, keyboard and guitar with a talented disc jockey, both playing together and, at times, competing against each other to see who can create a better sound: Band or DJ! DJ+ is a customized option where live musicians join the stage instrument-by-instrument to complement the DJ performance. We can even bring in a singer to spice up hit songs like you’ve never heard them before. By the end of the night, you've got a DJ, a full band rocking out, and a crowd of folks dancing in the front row!

DJ the DJ

DJ the DJ takes the love of vinyl records and the art of crate-digging and combines them into a one of a kind hands-on experience. Instead of just voicing a request, guests actually get to pick the record and song the DJ will play. AND Any song goes!! Here’s how it works: Crates and/or shelving are set up around the room filled with records… just like you would see in any records shop. During the event your guests get to dig through the vinyl, pick a song, then hand it to the DJ to play. They control the music for as long as they want to. We can even set it up where the guests take home a free record of their choice at the end of the night.

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