Kids Entertainment

Big entertainment for big imaginations

Airbrush Tattoos, Face and Body Paint

Kids love being transformed into their favourite animals, magical creatures and super heroes.  Our talented face painters and airbrush tattoo artists are experts at making those dreams come true! Let their imaginations run wild and add some sparkle to your event.

The Bike Zoo

The Groove Labs bike zoo presents a magical, immersive and interactive environment. A unique addition to any festival, parade, public space, corporate or family event. The ever growing menagerie of giant, interactive, hand built creatures includes a 80 foot rattlesnake, an assortment of butterflies, the beloved bat, a huge wise owl, the bald eagle, praying mantis, reindeer drawn sleigh, a bicycle carousel and the newest addition, the giant armadillo. 

You can count on these mystical creations to engage visitor of all ages and captivate the imaginations of those who see or interact with this larger than life zoo. 

Kids DJ Package

The Groove Labs' DJ's always rock the beat as the Five-Star Chefs of the wheels of steel! They constantly look for the best music from all over the world to entertain and move the crowds The agility of their mixes will have your guests dancing on the tables. The Groove Labs DJ team can play anything your guests desire. They specialize in all types of sounds, such as, rock (modern and classic), pop, 80's, disco, classical, jazz, country, top 40, techno, dubstep, polka, German, Italian, easy listening and more.

Casette Pop Art

The newest interactive activity from Groove Labs is the Casette Pop art station. We have reestablish a new way of recycling cassette tapes into creative one of a kind pieces of art. Explore your creativity by booking Casette Pop Art for your next event! 

John Maverick Magician

John Maverick has spent his life entertaining audiences. He got his first taste for magic at the age of 5 and his performance career took off from there. He now has a doctorate degree in magic. Maverick also MC events and has comedy act. Many times he combines all 3 captivating his the audience for hours. Maverick honed his skills over the years performing for social and corporate events along with having acts in night clubs and comedy theaters. A past president of the Society of American Magicians once described Maverick' as a “goth Johnny Carson,” stating his shows are “always an enjoyable surprise.”  As a Street Grifter, he will set up with a buckets and cardboard box and take your guests through some of the most  popular ‘confidence’ street games such as, 3 card Monty, Dice, 3 shells, Pigs and more!!!


There is nothing better than a storyteller to captivate (or distract) all the children (or adults) at any event! Our storyteller has some tales to tell! Let them entertain your guests with tales of fairy's, princesses, mystical creatures and everything in between . 

Groundwork Music Orchestra

The Groundwork Music Orchestra is a family friendly kid band that brings everyone together for 

learning and musical entertainment. Made up of the same music team that goes into classrooms to teach music education, these performers captivate their tiny audience every time. GWMO has made guest appearances with renowned talent, such as Ben Kweller, David Garza and Guy Forsyth. It's music has also been featured on Austin’s KUT and WXPN in Philadelphia. They also played the main stage at Auditorium shores during SXSW and the downtown stage during he First Nights New Year’s celebration.

Sand Art

Kids and adults alike love to craft. Sand art is a fun activity for any age and ability level. Award Winning Melbourne Artist, Polly Morwood, is putting a whole new spin on the craft she loves. Now, an Austin honorary local, Polly will take your guests on creative journey of using different colors of sand to create a picture within a vase, bottle, necklace or bracelet.  

Carnival Games

Make your party into a carnival with a selection of classic Carnival Games! From Ring Toss to Frog Flipping, your guests will love clowning around and winning great prizes and toys. Attendants run all the games and make sure your guests get into the fun.

Living Statues and Characters

Stop guests in their tracks with look-alike actors or characters that can add to a themed event. Superheroes, princesses, even characters from your favorite movies like Star Wars, We can bring anyone to life at your event, let your imagination run wild.

Dance Performances

From a Flash Mob to a choreographed performance we have some of Austin's tops dancers in many discipline styles ready to spice up your event. Pop, Hip Hop, Break Dancers, Flamenco, Treadmill performances or anything you can imagine!

Digital Caricature Artist

Taking an old favorite and giving it a fresh tech twist, give your guests a lasting momento with a digital caricature. Our talented artists use hand held ipads to whip up hilarious portraits of your guests which we can print out on site or  send via email.

Live Stencil Art

Outside or inside, have our street artist perform onsite at your event. Creating a customised artwork, our talented artists are a dynamic visual attraction. Guests can even jump in and add to the masterpiece.

Family Feud Game Event

Family Feud by Groove Labs, takes the popular game show and turns into event friendly fun! We come with everything you need for the show, video, sound and light production. Plus, the amazing MC, John Maverick who pulls the production together. All you have to do is bring the participants. Looking for a fun fundraiser for your event, the Family Feud Tournament Challenge is a perfect idea to get a a lot of guest involved. You can have teams of 5 to 10 buy into play for a prize (just like a golf fundraiser). They can have team names and color coordinate outfits. The family Feud tournament would work like a bracket system. Each round consist of 3 games and 2 teams play each other at a time. The games move quickly so it’s easy to produce a lot of rounds in a short amount of time.

Street Entertainer

Keeping Austin Weird, one street entertainer at a time! We can tailor the entertainment to suit your event's theme. From street drummers to stilt walkers and everything in between, let us create a buzz on the street for guests arriving at your event.

Bubble Machine

Create a completely unique and fun experience with our bubble machines! All your guests will have bubble popping fun for kids and adults of all ages.

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