Specialty Entertainment

Let your imagination run wild with possibilities

Vinyl Spin Art

The most fun, interactive activity for your event. A definite crowd-pleaser for all ages. Your guests are invited to make their own unique artwork on a vinyl record with our spinart machine artists. People of all artistic abilities love to see how the paints spin to create a dynamic piece of art before their eyes. A great mix of artistic expression, recycling vinyl records and a take home piece for music lovers.

Vintage Guitar Station

Allow your guest to get the ultimate Rock Star experience with the Groove Labs interactive Vintage Guitar station. We bring out legendary guitars and basses and allow your guest to pick them up, play with them and even pretend they're on stage with thousands of people watching. Worried about the sound affecting the event? We got you covered! Headphones comes with each of the amps onsite.

Hitchhiking Musicians

Have an event out of town and don't want to bore your guests with a long and uneventful bus ride? We have the perfect outcome for you! Our hitchhiking musicians will create the ultimate live music experience for you, right there on the bus with you, satisfying the ears of all your passengers. Our musicians will play a live, acoustic set for as long as it takes from one destination to the next. You and your guests will get an intimate insight to what its like to be an Austin Musician. 

Polaroid Photographers

Bringing the 70's back with our roaming hipster polaroid photographers. Have instant satisfaction with instant photos! Our roaming polaroid photographers can capture all your guests and within seconds they will have the perfect memory captured and in their hands ready to take home. 

Beer Burros

These sweet mini donkeys offer some authentic entertainment for both kids and adults. As beer burros, the mini donkeys walk around the crowd with baskets of drinks hitched to a saddle so that guests may grab a tasty beverage. Kids also love petting the donkeys too! Great for social occasions and corporate events.

Succulent Station

Candice of Austin’s very on Succulent Fox Den will help guests pick the green plant they’ve always wanted and take home a livable treat. 

She’ll match personality to plant style and help guests find the best soil to pot the succulence to take it home.

Sand Art Mural

The newest Groove Labs interactive art is our Sand Art Murals. Can be created prior to the event or a interactive feature for guests to watch the art work come to life! 

Live Animation Artist

Our live animation artists capture the essence of events through drawing, painting & animation live on site. They create an engagement with your attendees leading to great shareable moments that will in-turn help boost  your social impact. In the long term, the product becomes great content for social & digital channels for a wide range of internal & external marketing purposes.

Open Air Photo Booth

Give guests a fun take-home of your event with an open air photobooth!  Personalised to your theme and phots able to be printed on site.

Typewriter Rodeo

Take a step back in time with our Poem Writers! A duo or quartet of poets set up their vintage type writers at your event and compose poems for guests based on a word or story they tell them. Each poem is written just for the individual and takes about 3 minutes.

Custom Leather Branding

Have the most unique take home gifts for your guests with these hand crafted and customized leather branded goods. Anything from koozies, to bag tags to coasters, whatever you desire, we can brand. Local leather artisan William Haines creates one of a kind pieces that reflect the most memorable and classy events. 

Bike Zoo

The Groove Labs Bike Zoo presents a magical, immersive and interactive environment. A unique addition to any festival, parade, public space, corporate or family event. The ever growing menagerie of giant, interactive, hand built creatures includes a 80 foot rattlesnake, an assortment of butterflies, the beloved bat, a huge wise owl, the bald eagle, praying mantis, reindeer drawn sleigh, a bicycle carousel and the newest addition, the giant armadillo. 

You can count on these mystical creations to engage visitor of all ages and captivate the imaginations of those who see or interact with this larger than life zoo. 

Facial Hair Grooming Station

Allow the Groove Labs Grooming professionals tackle the facial hair of all the hairiest guests of your event. From basic tips and maintenance advice to a clean and hip clean up for anyone that needs their facial hair tamed. This is bound to excite not only the men but satisfy the wives and children too!

Chalk Art

Our hand designed and personalized chalkboard is perfect for any corporate event.

How much more interactive can it get than a giant chalk board for your guests to write down whats every it is thats on their mind? 

Let us customize your chalk board to reflect the theme of your event, whatever you may desire. 

Doc Ravencraft Palm Reading

Doc has been interacting with the spiritual world for as long as he can remember. He  can do "serious" readings for those who need them, while he also has a variety of approaches to doing readings for the curious, without letting things get too heavy. Along with the Tarot and Palm reading he also does psychometric readings (using a personal object) or with little picture tiles (excellent for people who are squeamish about the supernatural) Doc typically dresses in 19th century clothing, giving an "old fashioned" feel, but can dress more modern or in a theme to match your event, if preferred.

John Maverick Magician, Comedian and Entertainer

John Maverick has spent his life entertaining audiences. He got his first taste for magic at the age of 5 and his performance career took off from there. He now has a doctorate degree in magic. Maverick also MC events and has comedy act. Many times he combines all 3 captivating his the audience for hours. Maverick honed his skills over the years performing for social and corporate events along with having acts in night clubs and comedy theaters.  As a Street Grifter, he will set up with a buckets and cardboard box and take your guests through some of the most popular ‘confidence’ street games such as, 3 card Monty, Dice, 3 shells, Pigs and more!!!

Live Street Art

Outside or inside, have our street artist perform onsite at your event. Creating a customised artwork, our talented artists are a dynamic visual attraction. Guests can even jump in and add to the masterpiece.

Digital Caricature Artist

Taking an old favorite and giving it a fresh tech twist, give your guests a lasting momento with a digital caricature. Our talented artists use hand held ipads to whip up hilarious portraits of your guests which we can print out on site or  send via email.

Living Statues and Characters

Stop guests in their tracks with look-alike actors or characters that can add to a themed event. Realistic Roman statues that move, Egyptian goddesses, characters from your favorite movies, we can bring anyone to life at your event, let your imagination run wild.

Bucket Drummer Street Entertainers

Keeping Austin Weird, one street entertainer at a time! We can tailor the entertainment to suit your event's theme. From street drummers to stilt walkers and everything in between, let us create a buzz on the street for guests arriving at your event.

Foam Party and Machine

Get your kids (and adults) in the summertime mood with our foam machines! Our machines create volumes of foam in an elevated position. Covers up to a 30ft x 30 sq ft area 4ft high . Great for any event including pool parties, kids events and even weddings!

Silent Disco

Who needs to stress about noise constraints when your party is silent! Let Groove Labs organize your perfect silent disco, from sound production, equipment and DJ's, you next event is bound to please with a silent disco!

Dance Performances

From a flash mobs to a choreographed performances we have some of Austin's top dancers in many discipline styles ready to spice up your event. Pop, Hip Hop, Break Dancers, Flamenco, Treadmill performances or anything you can imagine!

Lip Sync Battle

The Groove Labs Lip Sync battle offers entertainment for all your guests. Use it as an opener, closer or transition entertainment. Here’s how it works : We bring in two of our amazing actor/dancers to perform 2 to 3 rounds of songs for the audience. These are pre-prepared before the event and typically include costuming and custom choreography for the song. Each round the guests get to choose who did the better job. At the end they pick the overall winner. An emcee is on hand to lead the entire performance. He can also DJ before and after as well. Guests are more than welcome to join in on the fun. *For an additional cost you can add on intelligent stage lighting, a live band to perform the songs and staging

Get it Gals Trivia

Jess Evans and Kati Prather have been asking each other questions for as long as they can remember. One of the main questions they ask each other is, "Why don't we do this publicly?" You know, like, ask other people questions. And that is how Get It Gals, the thematic pub trivia team, was formed. Now they are taking their cult following trivia hijinks to the next level, offering corporate packages, creating a high energy, interactive experience you will not forget. Team funning and workplace trivia that will have your team in stitches.

Female Mariachis

 Meet Las Coronelas! These talented entertainers are elegance, beauty and musicianship all wrapped up in one. It’s a ten member, female ensemble (can be smaller to suit different events) that performs high energy entertaining shows from beginning to end. Featuring high caliber trumpet players, violinists, guitarists and not to mention power packed vocals. A mix of songs in English and Spanish that cater to every single person in the audience. From love songs, to cumbias to the Devil went down to Georgia! Las Coronelas are changing the way people perceive Mariachi Genre. The ladies have performed for numerous festivals throughout the US and Canada. Most  recently The Jimmy Kimmel Show 2015, Will Ferrel's Funny  or Die Music and Comedy show  2014, 2015, The Texas Film  Hall of Fame Awards 2012. 

DJ +

This dynamic entertainment option fuses a live band consisting of bass guitar, drums, keyboard and guitar with a talented disc jockey, both playing together and, at times, competing against each other to see who can create a better sound: Band or DJ! DJ+ is a customized option where live musicians join the stage instrument-by-instrument to complement the DJ performance. We can even bring in a singer to spice up hit songs like you’ve never heard them before. By the end of the night, you've got a DJ, a full band rocking out, and a crowd of folks dancing in the front row!

DJ Karaoke

The Groove Labs Killer Karaoke System is something you've never seen before. We built it ourselves from the ground up to ensure every song is one your guests WILL want to sing.

The system not only comes with 30-thousand + songs but also speakers, mixer, monitor and 2 microphones.

Our sign up process is even killer with it's digital format. And there is no need to worry that no one will participate, we also send along an DJ/MC Attendant who will ensure everyone has a great time whether they sing or not.

Round Table Musicians & Guitar Lessons

Allow your guests to get up close and personal with some of Austin’s finest Singer Song writers with the ‘Round Table Musicians entertainment. Choose from 2 or 3 musicians below. During the event, each one will perform a 45minute to hour long set on stage. Off stage the artists not playing will be in the mix with guests giving guitar lessons with any of the Gibson guitars hanging on the wall and talking about their art. Price is based on the number of musicians and set length.

Scratch Lab

With Scratch Lab, we put your event attendees on the turntables and let them learn the art of the wickity wick wick. Learn about scratching, slamming, dubbing and other DJ tricks. Not only do we show your attendees how to be a DJ but we also record the mix and send it to them via the Internets, yes the whole Internets. Great for Technology User Conferences, Corporate Events and Social Parties. Let Groove Labs bring Scratch Lab to you anywhere in the US of A! You can either do one Scratch Lab station or double the DJ fun with TWO! You will not be disappointed!

Dueling Pianos

Take your event to the streets of New Orleans with the high energy of Dueling Pianos! Fueled by Audience participation and requests, be dazzled as they one-up each other to play all your favorite songs.

Family Feud Game Event

Family Feud by Groove Labs, takes the popular game show and turns into event friendly fun! We come with everything you need for the show, video, sound and light production. Plus, the amazing MC, John Maverick who pulls the production together. All you have to do is bring the participants. Looking for a fun fundraiser for your event, the Family Feud Tournament Challenge is a perfect idea to get a a lot of guest involved. You can have teams of 5 to 10 buy into play for a prize (just like a golf fundraiser). They can have team names and color coordinate outfits. The family Feud tournament would work like a bracket system. Each round consist of 3 games and 2 teams play each other at a time. The games move quickly so it’s easy to produce a lot of rounds in a short amount of time.

DJ the DJ

DJ the DJ takes the love of vinyl records and the art of crate-digging and combines them into a one of a kind hands-on experience. Instead of just voicing a request, guests actually get to pick the record and song the DJ will play. AND Any song goes!! Here’s how it works: Crates and/or shelving are set up around the room filled with records… just like you would see in any records shop. During the event your guests get to dig through the vinyl, pick a song, then hand it to the DJ to play. They control the music for as long as they want to. We can even set it up where the guests take home a free record of their choice at the end of the night.

Carnival Games

Make your party into a carnival with a selection of classic Carnival Games! From Ring Toss to Frog Flipping, your guests will love clowning around and winning great prizes and toys. Attendants run all the games and make sure your guests get into the fun.

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