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Virtual Conference

Virtual Team Building

Building community and camaraderie within your team is now more important than ever.

Our teambuilding programs excite and educate people to help them achieve greatness. 

Lyric Culture

Join our musicians for a collaborative and interactive songwriting workshop. 

Mixology Class

Our Master Mixologist will take your attendees through creating 3 personalized drinks

for your group. 

Image by Kike Salazar N

Does your team love Bingo AND music? This is perfect game to show off your knowledge of all things music.

Kitchen Class

If it’s how to use knives, how to make sauce from scratch, what staples to keep in your kitchen… Our Chef can build any type of class for you and your team. 

Cooking Class
Game Show

Family Feud by Groove Labs, takes the popular game show and turns it into a family friendly virtual event! 

Corporate Rockstars

Write and perform with real musicians and show your team how bold you can be!

Line Dancing Lesson

Grab your cowboy hat and get ready to Boot Scoot 'n Boogie with your team!

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